About Stephen Tyler Holman

Stephen Tyler Holman is announcing his candidacy for re-election as representative of Ward 7. Holman is the 4th generation of his family to call Norman home. He works for a local family-owned small business in Downtown Norman and has been involved in the Norman community for over two decades. He continues to play an active role in the community as the current City Council representative for Ward 7 since 2013. 

    Holman has served on the 2010 Complete Count Census Committee, Norman 2060 Strategic Water Supply Committee, Animal Welfare Oversight Committee, and Center City Visioning Committee. As a member of the City Council he serves on the City Council Oversight Committee, Community Planning & Transportation Committee, and is the Mayors alternate representative to the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments Board of Directors.  

     Holman says, “Through my deep roots and family history in Norman I feel that I have a very strong grasp of where this community has come from and where we have the potential to go. My commitment is to continue working to preserve and protect neighborhoods while encouraging smart growth and economic development policies in future planning. I will continue to work with my fellow council members, the public, and local groups to make the best decisions that improve Norman and keep it the best place to live in Oklahoma."

 Please do not hesitate to contact Stephen anytime about your concerns. Your voice matters and we can only move forward if we move forward together.

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